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"No Mommy! Don't eat me!" I yelled as my mother chased me, somehow, she seemed to be growing, bigger and bigger until I was barely the size of a quarter to her! We were in a black area, with a checkered pattern tiles on the floor. After a minute of chasing me, her massive form caught up and grabbed me! She flicked me up in the air and I landed in her maw. She closed her lips, and swallowed Hard, I slid down the huge tub leading to the sack that is her stomach...

"AHHHHH" I screamed at the top of my lungs as I woke up from a horrible nightmare. I don't know what it was, but something has woken upside of me, something that hasn't scared me in so long...


~At lunch during school~

"Hey Jeff!" I smiled, bouncing over to my best friend in the whole world to get in line with him for lunch
"Huh? Hey Sara" Jeff said, trying to sound cheery, obviously faking after a moments pause
"Hmm, whats wrong?" I asked, exaggerating a frown
"Nothing," Jeff Smiled "Just hungry, and Tired"
"Why you so tired?"
"Nightmares..." Jeff said shyly
"Whats for lunch today?" I asked, trying to get his mind off his silly sleep issues
"Chicken Burgers" He said dryly
"Oh, those are good" I laughed as I picked one up, paid for it, and followed Jeff back to our table for lunch
I took a bit of my burger and Jeff Cringed at the site, nearly screaming. I got worried now, him and I eat lunch everyday and hes never looked so... jumpy and scary and all around lost.
"Okay, tell me, whats up?" I asked
"nothing.." Jeff said
"Common, tell me" I smiled, putting on my best you-love-me-right face on
"Well, my nightmare, I haven't had these since maybe, 6th grade, and I know this is stupid, but don't laugh! and well... my mom eats me alive in them." Jeff said embarrassed as can be, but positively adorable all the same!
"Its just a dream, your mom can't really eat you!" I said, cheerfully, but not quiet laughing
"She can! and Did!" Jeff yelled as if he believed it
"When?" I asked, playing along
"Promise not to tell anyone, ever?"
"Haven't told anyone anything you said before have I?"
"Well, when I was a little kid, I saw this pregnant woman, but thought she ate a kid, so I asked my mom to do the same to me, and she did. and We, er uh me and my sister, actually get shitted out. and since then I've been abused like that several times." Jeff said, they way he said it, I, I actually believed him
"Thats, thats terrible, I'm so sorry Jeff"
"Nothing you can do about it, I just don't know how to get it out of my system"
"Yes there is, I can eat you" As I said that I was doubting it even being possible, and wondering what it would do to my figure, although, if His mom did that, and shes in the shape she is in now, ever for a woman her age, couldn't hurt much, if at all
"No, I couldn't ask you to do that!" Jeff said picking up abit
"As I recall, you didn't, i offered"
"But still... I mean common, its just silly!"
"But, its always been my dream to be the guardian for another person, this is my chance!" I lied, of course I wasn't sure how well this would blow over, but I really wanted to help Jeff, and to be honest, I was getting interested.
"...Okay, wanna do this tomorrow night? I'll just stay i'm spending the night at your house" As Jeff agreed, I wondered if it was that it wouldn't be on him, or that he wanted to help me. Either way I was glad he finally agreed.
"Wait, why do we have to say you're spending the night?"
"It takes about a day for me to go through your whole system" Jeff said, almost anxious to get it over with
"Okay, take the bus with me home tomorrow then? Staying till Saturday!" I said
"Well of course I'll stay till Saturday, spending one night on a friday isn't going to make me go home on a monday!" Jeff laughed


~At Sara's house, after School on Friday~

"Okay, so how does this work?" Sara asked laughing a bit, weather in confusion or disbelief I wasn't sure
"Well pretty much I just squeeze myself down your esophagus and wait till your body digests my clothes and desides that its bored of me" I said, trying to sound indifferent, but then I realized that sounding unenthusiastic would be worse that sounding excited, this is Sara, she knew me!
"Alright, anything important I should know?" Sara asked, ushering me into her bedroom
"Umm, oh! Yeah, Here," I handed her my stethoscope "My mom used to always use this, because other wise she couldn't hear us"
"Hmm, thats interesting" She laughed "Okay, lets get started"
Sara sat on her bed, cross-legged, and opened her mouth, gesuring me to get in. The whole thing seemed odd. It was like, heres my best friend, and yesterday I told her about a dream, and today she wants to eat me. The whole ordeal just seemed off to me. But she wanted to, and it would help me. So I just went with it.
"Oh one thing, every time after she ate one of us, she usually feel asleep right afterwards"
"I see" she said
And then I laid in front of her, stuck my feet out, and slowly felt mybody being engulfed in a mass of flesh, it felt so slimy, and I could feel it expanding around my feet and legs. I slowly moved myself in, oddly enjoying myself as bit by bit, inch by inch, limb by limb, my best friend, eyes closed, seemed to be enjoying herself, I wondered how she could breath, Her tongue rubbed me abit in various places, I don't know if she ment to or not, but it felt... nice. This whole experience, it was amazing, I don't know why I didn't bring this up earlier. I'm up to about my chest now, I looked at my friend Sara's beautiful face, its the last thing I'll see for awhile, and I'm almost glad that its her I'll be seeing. My gorgeous Friend Sara.
Her lips closed around my head, and this was the first time that I had a realization of what was happening, but I didn't mind much, I enjoyed slipping down her thought. Sitting, cross legged, as She was outside of these thick flesh walls. I thought back to when me and Amy did this, theres no way we could both fit in here now.
I felt a finger poke me in the back, and then the stethoscope on her stomach
"Hello?" Sara said
"Hey!" I said, not even trying to hide my excitement
"Jeff! Are you okay?" She asked nervously
"I'm Fantastic! You okay?" I said, feeling back to normal
"Great to see your back to your old self... I'm so tired, I'm going to take a nap"
"Me too," I yawned "first to wake up wakes up the other?"
"Deal" Sara said as she nodded off


~7 Hours Later~

I woke up feeling a nudge on my stomach, Damnit! Jeff Beat me up! Well whatever, I should probably see if his clothes digested yet. I put the scope on my stomach and started talking, "Morning Jeff"
"Morning Sara" He laughed
"Clothes gone yet?"
"Yeah, he just wondering, what time is it?"
"About 11pm" I said standing up, feeling the new 130 pounds, I felt a weird tugging on my front. I could feel Jeff bounding around as I streched out, he was vibrating, I think laughing. Must have been enjoying himself. My clothes were so uncomfortable, so I took them off. Down to a bra and panties, I didn't feel right wearing clothes when I just absorbed my best friends anyways. I ended up on the floor in my room, sitting down cross-legged again. I laid back against the side of my bed, and started talking to Jeff again
"SO whats it like in there?" I asked
"Warm, dark, wet, uhh squishy, i dunno, kinda nice to be honest. How does it feel to have me inside you?" He said, sounding part asleep
"It feels like someone is tugging on my stomach, but really indifferent otherwise, I wouldn't mind this again"
"Are you implying something?" He asked
"I don't know, I might me, tell ya later" I laughed "So what else did your mom do to you?"
"Everything! It was, well I mean I don't know how it was, I thought I hated being eaten, but I like that, so I don't know..." He said, he gets on rants alot so I had to wake him up
"So what did she do?"
"Oh, um, Well ate me, put her in her, breasts, and um lower, uh vagina, and well just those three, but still she did them alot! Some times for baby sitting, or punishment or just for no reason, it was weird, to be fair at this point."
"And that was your mom?" I asked, alittle freaked to be honest
"Yeah..." Jeff said embarrassed
"I bet it'll be much more fun when I do it" I said, winking, but then I realized he wouldn't see it
"What are you thinking?" Jeff asked skeptically
"Well I've always wanted to have a baby, and the whole breast thing, seems kinda fun, maybe Amy will agree to do the other one"
"Knowing her, she probably would be the first to suggest it"
We both shared a laugh and I felt my stomach hurt for a second, then a movement in my bowels.
"Jeff?" I asked
"Yeah I'm here, I'm just in your colon now, I'll be ready to leave in like 30 minutes" Jeff said half in a laugh
"Sounds great, ohhh! This doesn't hurt but it just feels so weird, HEY! Quit that!" I yelled as jeff started squirming, just to annoy me
"Hay is the first step towards horse shit!" Jeff yelled at me
"Yeah, well your my shit!" I yelled at him, I don't know why, but as I said that, I felt, good. Like I liked having Jeff be my shit, or in my body in general.
"Oh, thats cold" Jeff laughed
"Haha, cold shit!" I laughed
"I'm going to help the process along, get near a bathroom" Jeff said, apparently getting alittle bored
"M'kay" I said as I stood up and walked to the next room which was a bathroom. I could feel Jeff moving inside me, stretching out the intestines, I quivered constantly. I loved this feeling, and suddenly I felt the urge to sit on the toilet, but I knew that would be a dumb idea, I tried to unclench, but it wasn't easy. Soon I just relaxed and counted the tiles on the perimeter of the tub walls as I stepped inside of it. slowly and surprisingly painlessly, Jeff came out of my butt. It slid on to the ground and then just sat there naked. I was only wearing a bra at this point and I realized that Jeff didn't bring any spare clothes. Well, instead of worrying about it now, I just sat across from him in the tub and started to talk.
"How as your trip?"
"Alot of fun" He smiled
"You know, I really liked having you inside of me, it just felt so, so right" I said, feeling powerful
"I really liked the warmth of being inside of you, maybe we can try it again, some, time?" he asked, slowing down. I don't know why but I was getting some sort of love vibe.
"Yeah, Next time something different though," I laughed "Next time you'll be my baby, full birth experience and everything"
"Next time, I'll be your little baby boy" He laughed, I swear he was going stiff at the thought, but then I thought to myself and decided I was pretty turned on myself. But then I looked up and saw Jeff right at my face, and he gave me a small peck, right on the lips and said "I love you"
... aw fuck it, I grabbed his face and we started making out right there in the tub, nearly naked. And I never felt less awkward or more happy in my life =)

Sara - A 16 year old girl, blond and hot! Shes best friends with this boy Jeff, They've known each other since 8th grade and are now in 10th together. They've only been friends two years or so, they share everything, know everything about each other, and couldn't be better friends! Sara would do anything for Jeff, just as shes sure, he would do for her.

Jeff - A 15 year old nut, hes not the coolest in school, but hes very well liked by most, he doesn't have a girlfriend now nor since 7th grade (if you can call that a relationship) because as a child of about 9, he and his twin sister, Amy, were vored several times by their mother. Although for seemingly good reasons at the time, have scarred him for life. His sister on the otherhand, has become a lesbian because of it.
A Sequel to "A very close family"
That story started like 100 great ideas! And here is the first of MANY!

This is partly based on a true story, pretty much everything but the actual eating, and even still, her and I did once do a life vore role play, haha Don't wanna talk about it, sooo embarrassing!!

ANYWAYSSS, Hope you enjoyed =)
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I'd love to, but I'm incredibly unreliable about responding. If that doesn't bother you, send me a PM:)
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Hey, no problem! I have a few chapters of a story myself. You should look at them. If you like them just tell me and I will publish more chapters.
Roguewritter Featured By Owner Dec 9, 2014
Thanks:) I'd like to I just never have the time or inspiration at once :P
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Already did my friend:) [link]
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Real life vore ? Lol .. Well u sure take on moral side of vore but this was .. Uplifting .. Xd
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artimus261 Featured By Owner Sep 7, 2010
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Roguewritter Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2010
To be honest, I got like a 90 page one I was doing with my friend Max but we're still working on it haha, I prob will write another in this line of stories sometime soon, I really feel the need to write!
yournamehere1401 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2010
nice :) keep on writing this!
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Is ready a sequel of this?
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Roguewritter Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2009
Please what?
accually for those interested, I'm tying up the next one now! I'm gunna try to get it down soon, but I"m being lazy alot resently haha
CookietheRabbit Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2009
Will there be any more sequels?
Roguewritter Featured By Owner Feb 7, 2009
yes definitely!
I wrote one, but I'm to lazy to type it into the computer, and working on another (on the computer, learned my lesson) as we speak!
CookietheRabbit Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
Roguewritter Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2009
I'll make sure ya know when it comes out!
Probably going to be abit better written too, and with some more characters haha, I want alittle Amy action next time =)
CookietheRabbit Featured By Owner Feb 9, 2009
Tank oo!
Yeah more Amy!
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