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September 8, 2009
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Rachel Jones - A Science teacher whom has a few odd tricks up her sleeve for teaching, shes blonde, 31, very hot and always hands down the favorite teacher of all time! She lives in an apartment and has a scientist brother that helps her every so often in teaching.

Ashley - a young girl, age 15. Shes one of Ms. Jones' students and a very bright one at that, she thinks Ms. Jones is the best teacher shes ever had! She usually is big on just having fun, but shes a hard worker too, and a A+ student in her class!

David - A young man, age 15. Hes very shy and nervous. He isn't much of a risk taker and usually ends up chickening out of anything he does. Not one to really do anything other than play Halo for hours on end in his basement.

I walked into class today, I was really excited! It was our field trip finally! We were going to a museum about three hours away, but because the museum is so huge! We're spending three nights in a hotel! I can't wait! I sat at my desk and smiled at Ms. Jones, she waved back at me. I read a short story I downloaded off the internet, it was 'What are friends for?' by Iwannabevored, it wasn't as good as his first story, but it was interesting none-the lest.


Sweet! Class time! Lets get going to that museum!

~Ms. Jones~

I waited in my desk until all my students were silent and at theirs. "Good Morning Class"
"Good morning Ms. Jones!" They shouted back
"Now today we're taking a field trip, but first, I'm giving you each a piece of candy if you turn in your slip, and..." I said looking at my list "Everyone has, so let me distribute them!" I said cheerfully
I gave everyone their candy and sat back at my desk "Can't come on the trip if you don't eat it!" I teased as if they were younger kids, and not sophomore biology students. Everyone ate their candy and about five minutes later, they shrank to about an inch tall, I walked around to the desks and picked up each kid and holding them in my hand.
"Now don't be afraid, you can't be hurt, when you shrunk, you mass just destined, you're technically indestructible" I smiled, comfortingly, not evilly
I put the kids in my bra and then started walking down the hall, out of the building, and to my car where I started on the drive to the hotel, my favorite one too! Shea Tellug. I turned on the radio to some alternative station that I thought would keep them as well as me entertained. I was abit nervous though about their comfort level. I didn't want to wear something tight that would hurt them, but if it was to loose my breasts could bounce around to much and might hurt them. Although I think the one I was wearing would do.
I could feel them moving around alot in my bra, it was a little distracting, I thought now would be a good time to tell them the plan.


I was between a soft fabric and a very soft and large fleshy mount. It was hard to tell her size when she was in normal teacher attire, but her breasts were quite ample from my current view. It wasn't exactly the most comforting thing the world, but it kept us steady enough.
"Whats going to happen to us?" one of the boys said
"I'm scared" a girl said
"Calm down everyone! She said we're indestructible, and think about it! This is just a cheep way to get to the museum! No bus and only one admission!" I said, rationalizing the whole ordeal.
"Hello Children" Ms. Jones said, I could feel the vibrations of her words carried on to us from her flesh "I'm sorry to do this so suddenly, but you'd think I was mad otherwise, here's the deal, you're going to be exploring various parts of my body. It won't hurt and you can choose not to do any part you don't want to. This is just a learning experience, when we get back home in three days, you will be returned to normal size" She said, probably with a smile
everyone just sort of trusted her on this, she had always been true to her word, and the way she said that, she just kinda had to be trusted.
The ride after that was pretty long, listening to assorted music, talking to friends, a bit boring for me though, my friend Jessica was in the other cup. I dozed off abit every so often, only to be woken up by Ms. Jones' stretching and her hitting pot holes bouncing us.

~2 hours later~

I was fast asleep when I felt a finger removing me. Ms. Jones took me out of her bra and set me on the bed in front of her sitting cross legged by about nine other students. She one by one picked them out and set them next to us on the bed. She smiled at us and better explained the itinerary. "Okay now for today, you will be exploring my stomach. you will spend the night there and then be let out tomorrow through the colon. I haven't eaten in awhile so there shouldn't be any feces in my digestive tract. Tomorrow after you get out of my digestive system, you will be exploring my reproductive organs, mainly my womb. and then I will shrink you down farther and you will have fun inside my breasts, you will be shaken alot or in a milk making/storing cavity you can socialize. If there's anything you don't want to do, then either you and I will hang out together in the room or I'll wear you back in my bra. Also if we have time, you will be permitted to examine parts of my external anatomy as well"
This whole thing sounded unreal, but fun and amazing all the same! To think I was going to be inside her body! and get to first hand see and learn about all these organs!
"Get you're battle buddies and lets get started" Ms. Jones ordered
You're battle buddy was the person whom you'd stay with, like worst case scenario, your battle buddy would help you, save your ass, or report to the teacher if you needed something.
Shortly after we were all pared up, she begin, two at a time, picking us up and swallowing us.
This one is actually before "A Close Family" but I never finished it and I honestly don't think I ever will, but I'm posting it just because I can! haha
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Hey guys i'm continuing this. It might not be very good past this chapter but at least it will be finished!
I hope you don't mind, but can u send me a link to the continiude part of this story?
Thanks.I just read the stories and my childhood is now ruined.
My brain melted in the process.
Sarcasm or plain insult? I can't tell the difference.
it has been three years. can someone please finish this story
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