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May 18, 2009
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"Welcome to the 3rd annual People eating contest!" The announcer called as everyone started to cheer
"Lets meet our competitors!" He said as he walked over to three women. He stoped at the first one, a busty blonde whom was the deffination of fitness "First off we have Amanda! A 26 year old woman, works at Best Buy, lives in the house her boyfriend had before last years Contest, any word of the audiance?"
"YEAH!" Amanda said "I'm here and I'm starting! Bring on the guys!"
"thats very nice" The announcer chuckeled
"Next we have Jean, a 34 year old mother of two, no husband after today. She's been voring profetionally for about 10 years now and learned when she was a child with her sisters"
"Ronald hunny, this victory will be for you!" The short brunette called out as she winked at a man and then rubbed her gut.
"And finally we have Danielle! The proud mother of five children! This is her first time in a vore compition, however she was the unbirthing contest winner two years running!"
He held up the microphone to the tall black haired woman whom was slightly larger than Jean normally, but had a huge belly at the time! Obvously someone in her womb And Breasts bigger than Watermellons"I'm taking home two golds today! And I've got my oldest in my now! Say hey Jared" she said moving the microphone to her round belly "Go Mom!" a voice said
"Aww, isn't that sweet?" The announcer cooed kindly
"Now lets bring on the people!" Everyone cheered loudly

First up, was Amanda. She stepped up on to the front of the stage and smiled. First up was a small child, about eight years old. "mmm, and appitizer!" Amanda said picking up the little girl and gulping her down in one bite. She rubbed her bell and steached her back out. "Now lets get this started!"
Two teenage boys came up next, Amanda picked up one and swallowed him head first in two gulps, she was very experanced!
Then she grabbed the other one feet first, and as he was sliding in, he grabbed her breast and gave a thumbs up to the crowd he laughed. He laughed too with his buddy when he reached the stomach.
"Faster damnit! I'm hungry!" Amanda yelled
two children, four teenaged girls, and a grown couple stood up in front of her. She grabbed the kids, and gulped them down together, and then took one of the teenaged girls and swallowed her too. She put the other three in her mouth and swallowed them all at once, with a bit of difficulty.
The couple stepped in together and kissed as Amanda swallowed them. She was gigantic now and wouldn't even pick up people anymore! She was laying on her back and demanded that the rest of her food go in on their own.
Two grown buessness looking men walked to her face and crawled into mouth. Then a girl who looked about 19 got up from the audiance and laughed at her friends behind her, she climbed into amanda's mouth. Amanda had abit of difficulty with her, not only was she getting full, but her food was extremely busty.
"I'm full!" Amanda cried
"18!" the announce said cheerfully. "Won't be needing to eat again for a few weeks I see" he laughed
With help, Amanda sat in the giant chair big enough for a person her sized to sit in and watched as Jean stepped up to the plate.
"Lets do this!" she yelled as the man she winked to eariler came up to her "Love you hunny" she said
"I love you too dear" he kissed her and then jumped into her mouth, she swallowed.
two children walked upto her
"Now hold it! This is going to take way to long! I want 18 more people up here now!" Jean said and as she did, 18 more people were sent up to the stage. "Great!" She said as she picked up the first two kids and slurped them down like there were nothing! She picked up three teenagers with her amazing arms and gluped them down! She was gulping down people left and right like there was no tomorrow! She had the full twenty and asked for more!
Of course they gave them to her. She was laying on her back and asked them to go into her mouth.
Two young couples came up next and all got in her mouth at once, she swallowed them down, still having room! "Teenaged boys!" Jean yelled
After that, teenaged boys started appering up there. One at a time, jumping into her mouth and being swallowed almost instantly. After about three of then she said "Hold up! Kara, Kenzie come up here!" she summoned her kids. One was 13 years old and the other 17. "Get in mommy's tummy, okay Kenzie?"
"Yeah sure mom" the 13 year old said as she climbed into her mouth was gulped down. "Me too mom?" kara asked
"No dear, I'm full" Jean said
"27!" The announcer said
Jean was helpped on to the chair next to amanda, amanda started to digest them already and her belly was already alittle smaller. And her breasts atiny bit bigger. Jean smiled at her as Kara sat on her belly. She laid down and smiled, "nice and comfy mom"
"27? Please, I can do this! Easy!" Danielle said as she asked for two of her kids to come up on stage with her.
"ready boys?" She asked as two kids 9 and 11 came up on stage.
"Yeah!" They yelled
She picked them up and swallowed her two youngest on the spot. Her oldest being Jared whose 19, then Ashley whose 17 and Valerie whose 15.
Next came up four women, she swallowed them down. and then 3 teenagers, two guys and a girl, she put them in her mouth and they slide down her throat. She piled them on more and more until she was full!
"Oh crap, I couldn't eat another bite" Danille said.
"But you only had 9 people"
"Oh well, guess I shouldn't have filled up on family before I got here" She walked off stage onto the chair, far to large for her next to the huge women. Amanda whom was now about the size of only 16 people and Jean whom was about the size of 24 people, Jean had an amazing metabolism.

After about 10 minutes the Judges called them all up to the stage.
"And the Winner is; Jean! With 27 people!"
Everyone cheered and Danielle walked up to Jean to give her a congradulatory handshake.
After that though, she pulled her shirt down and Two girls burst of of her nipples! Ashley grabbed Jean and started shoving her into her mother Danielle, and Valerie sat on Amanda so she could be eaten next!
After about 3 minutes of intence gulping and pushing, Jean was down, and then about 4 minutes after that, Amanda was in too! Danielle was gigantic! and Kara was furious!
She ran up and started fighting Ashley, and after a long struggle, got her into Danielle's mouth, and she swallowed her daughter!
Val grabbed Kara and they started fighting to avenge Ashley.
But while no one was looking, Jared stepped out of his mother's Womanly area and pushed both Val and Kara into his mother's mouth, and she swallowed them too!
"Anyone else want in?" Danielle asked suductively and of course about fourty people whom were in the audance and the last 15 in the tank waiting to be eaten came up and just hopped into Danielle, who gulped them down promptly.
"Oh I do so love these events" Danielle smiled as many people came up to her in shear amazing ment at how much she ate and how big she was!
Jared went back into his mother's Clit and she managed to get home.
Although with a few extra passangers. in the Confusion of it all, Jared manged to sweet talk a few girls into hitching a ride with him inside his mother's womb. Unfortunatly for them, the next morning they where a snack for Danielle.
20 hours later, Danielle let Jared out because she could finally stand up again.
"You look great mom" Jared prompted, as Danielle's figure was now about back to normal and her breasts gained all the fat so they were about GG-cups
"come on darling, lets go get some McDonalds" Danielle said to Jared as she got in the car
Just alittle something because I haven't done anything in like months!!
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