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Hi! I'm Amy, I'm nine years old, and have a twin brother named Jeff! He never really follows the rules, and always gets me dragged along with him when he does something stupid. But I still love my brother, hes so sweet and nice to me! I love him!
"Hey Amy!" Jeff called
"Yeah?" I yelled back
"We're going to the store, come on! Lets go!"
"Okay, be right there!"
It seems our story has begun!


"I'm Here" amy said as she ran to my side in the kitchen, waiting for mom to get read to go
"Took ya long enough!" I said at her
"Ready kids?" Mom asked, smiling that usual I'm happy, don't screw it up smile
"Yeah!" me and my sister screamed together
"Great, now lets get in the car!" mom said with fake enthusiasm
We ran outside into the blue Dodge minivan parked out front of our mid-sized two story house. We got into the middle back seats right inside of the sliding doors, bucked ourselves up, and prepared to leave to go to Jewel-Osco for some groceries.

~At Jewel~

We finally got there after driving for forever! It was a nice day out, so we didn't mind having to walk aways from the back of the crowded parking lot.
"Now gimme your hands" Mom said, Amy grabbed her hand right away but I didn't want to. I'm not a baby! I can walk to the store without holding mommy's hand!
"Gimme your hand Jeff" Mom said
"No! I can do it!"
"Jeff!" Mom demanded
"hold my hand Jeff" amy smiled
after a short pause looking at my mother, I agreed and retrieved Amy's hand
we walked into the story and headed for the vegetable isle, yuk! I hate Vegetables! We finally made it there when I saw the grossest looking thing I've ever seen! I big brown thing and the picture showed green inside! EWWWW! I saw in a show once a dude eating a pill and got really fat, and the inside of the fruit had one in it! Gross!! Aw Man! Some fat lady is picking it up, I can't let this happen I got to go save her before she gets worse!! I ran over to her and started yelling! "Put it down!"
"Hmm? Oh hello darling, whats a handsome young man like you doing all alone?" The woman asked
"Saving your butt! Don't eat those things in the middle! they'll make you fat!" I yelled, trying to warn this poor naive woman
"The Seeds?" She asked
"Is that what they're called?"
"Yes, in fact they're quiet good, but most people don't like them"
"You like being so big?"
"Well I won't be this big for long, you see there is a kid in my tummy"
"Hello? Hello!" I started trying to talk to him, but the kid wouldn't respond
"Is he sleeping?" I asked
"Yes, don't wake him up, he makes a big fuss and kicks when hes up"
"Jeff stop bugging the nice lady!" I heard a voice from behind me I'm Sorry miss, my brother is really stupid"
"No its quiet alright, hes just curious is all" the Lady smiled
"Kids! There you are, thank god you're safe!" Mom yelled from behind us, then again as she was giving us hugs
"I'm so sorry Miss, my kids just got away, and I..." Mom was telling the lady
"Don't worry about it" The woman smiled "They're very polite, angles to say the least"
"Why thank you" My mom said, "Hey, how far along are you?"
"About eight months or so" She said,
I didn't understand what they were talking about, but I think a month is the size of a tummy, so one kid is 8 months? so two twins should be 12 right? yeah sounds about right. Soon after we got into our car and went home


"Amy!" Jeff yelled as so as we were alone in our bedroom in the house
"Yeah?" I asked
"I had the best idea!"
"And what is it this time?"
"Hey, whats that suppose to mean?"
"Okay well anyways I uhh"
"I forgot"
"Can't be that great of an idea if you forgot it"
"It is too! Its just I have so many that the greatest ones can't fit well"
"Okay, whatever"
I walked away and went to get a snack from downstairs, I found a granola bar in the pantry next to the fridge, the tile was cold on bare feet. it annoyed me so I went back to the carpet upstairs. It felt very warm on my freezing feet.
I ran up next to my brother and took a bit of the bar, and suddenly his face light up
"I remember now!"
"Lets hear it then"
"We need to go into mom's tummy!"
"That's the dumbest idea I ever heard!"
"Is not!"
"Is too!"
"Its a great idea! The girl at the store had a kid in her!"
"So, think two of us could it in out mom?" I was starting to be abit less skeptical, he was right. Someone else had done it, and Mom can do anything.
"Of course we're like 9, but that other lady had a whole teenager inside her!"
"Why do you think that?"
"She told me!"
"Yeah!" The quickness in Jeff's answer made me pretty sure he was lying, but to be totally honest, I was interested.
"I don't know, but maybe if you want you could try"
"Lets go ask her then!" Jeff yelled as he grabbed my arm and headed down the stairs towards the living room.


I'm sitting out the couch reading my book, The Truth About Forever, its a teen book, but the kids wouldn't know the difference, and besides I was enjoying it that's all that matters, Hmm, I hope that Jason never comes home! I thought to myself as I heard my kids coming down the stairs, obviously to ask me for something.
"Mom!" Jeff yelled at me
"Yes dear?" I asked
"You know that girl at the store?"
"yes?" she had a kid inside her!
"Yes she did, she was pregnant" Crap, I shouldn't have told them that word...
"Whats Pregnant?" Amy asked, damn the curious one
"Its nothing, I'll tell you when you're older"
"Mom!!" Jeff yelled in my ear
"Yes?" I asked, getting aggravated
"Can you eat us?" As jeff said this, I could almost feel my eye twitch, it was the stupidest thing I'd ever heard, but i didn't want to hurt his feelings
"No sweetie, mom's not hungry now"
"Yes you are!" Jeff acused
"No Jeff I'm not"
"You're sandwich is still on the table! You haven't hand lunch yet!"
Damn that kids logic, I'm starting to really get annoyed now! "Its not possible!"
"Prove it!" Jeff yelled
"No!" I yelled back, raising my voice
"Now!!" jeff screamed
"Fine," I said, trying to hold my breath, "If mommy can prove it, then will you leave me alone?"
"Yes" Jeff said
I grabbed him by the torso and lifted him up over my head, and as I tried to put his feet in my mouth he started flailing abit.
"What are you doing?" I asked
"Trying to get my feet in your mouth"
"I'll take care of that, just hold still"
I put his feet in my mouth, they were so tasty! I couldn't believe the level of flavor there was on my child! I brought his feet to the back of my thought and my grip slipped abit, his little shoeless feet, making me want to just close my eyes and swallow, just bring the little boy in my stomach and have five minutes of peace... I know I shouldn't but I really want to! It can't hurt him right?
But while I was in this thought process, Jeff grew impatient and tried to help me along by extending his food down my gullet. my grip loosened on him slightly and he was in my body up to his ankles. This whole ordeal just seemed so natural, like it was suppose to happen! I slowly, enjoying, no, savoring every second! Trying not to make it seem weird on him I resisted the urge to rub my tongue over him and god knows I wanted to! He was in up to his torso, and I was loving his little body in me! Gulping one at gulp at a time, slowly getting everything down. I then thought back to myself, thinking if I were swallowing a woman like myself, this would be a much more difficult task, the hips would be to wide, the breasts would be hard to get over, and probably painful for the two of us, but oh no. not this little boy. Hes small and easy. I felt my soft lips close around his head, thinking about how he must feel, nearly gave me an euphoria of pleasure. I felt awkward, at the moment of realization that I was getting turned on by taking and storing another human, and human life within my own body!
And then I looked at my daughter...


I couldn't believe what I just saw! My brother eaten alive by my mother, and I, was jealous! I want to be in there too! Mommy's tummy was much bigger now too! her belly used to me hourglassy and very thin like a board but now, it was less in the hourglass shape and it looked like a bubble was hanging out of her. like the woman from the store only bigger! I walked over to my mom and she picked me up, just as she did Jeff, as if she knew I wanted to be next.
I felt my feet tangling in her mouth, and slowly moving down a small pipe. It was wet, and soft, and squishy. I liked very much how it felt. I'm pretty sure I'm going fast than my brother did. But I didn't care, this speed was perfect to me, I felt my feet, my knees now too, moving down the pipe and suddenly, about the time my rear was inside my mother's maw, I felt my feet fall into a chamber, I was finally part in her stomach. I loved that feeling and knowing that in a moment I'd be fully inside my mom, The person I loved most, and I'd be in her! It was so warm in her it was amazing! Her stomach was even warmer! By this point my head had just gone into her mouth, she closed her lips on me. it was dark, and I felt just gently her large teeth in front scrape against my forehead, it felt soothing somehow. I slowly slipped down into her stomach, feeling around all the way. finally plop! and I was in, as my eyes adjusted I finally found my brother, with the room inside, we could sit next to each other, but we couldn't move much. This was comfortable enough though. Besides, I was next to my other favorite person in the world, my big brother!
"Hey Amy" Jeff said with excitement
"Jeff!" I said giving him a hug
"Get off me" he said as he pushed me away
"Sorry" I said sadly
suddenly the whole room started shaking, up and down, up and down it was an odd feeling, like we were moving. oh! we were moving, mom probably got up, suddenly it got more violent, and then one last huge shake and it stopped, the only difference was, when were started we were sitting upright next to each other, now, we're sitting, backs to the ground, feet on the walls. we shifted and got comfortable, then the heat started to get to us, we felt tired, and took a nap


I ran up the stairs and laid down in my bed, I laid on my back. trying to avoid the reality of what I had just done, I put my head on the pillow and nodded off to sleep, they felt really nice in there, and I would probably just let them have their fun, then make them get out. its not a huge deal, I think.
I closed my eyes and went off to sleep

~the next morning~

I woke up and looked at my stomach, it was huge, I couldn't even see over it. I tried to talk to it, "Hello?" but it didn't work. I was getting worried and I wasn't sure what to do. I ran into the next room, the bathroom to see if I could find some medicine to make me throw up, but then I saw little Amy's stethoscope. She played with it using stuffed animals in the bathroom, because it seemed most like a hospital. It was a real one, we got it from my father whom is a doctor. I thought it would be other a try. so I put the ear pieces in and the end at my stomach and heard snoring. they were fine, just sleeping. I left the room into the hallway, which was much more open, and twisted my body to the left then right to wake them up. after doing that three times I put the stethoscope back and listened to them.
"huh? What just happened?" Jeff asked
"Mom probably got up again" Amy replied
"Kids?" I asked almost unsure if I should speak at all
"Yeah?" Jeff and Amy replied
"Are you okay in there?" I inquired
"Yeah I'm good" Jeff said
"Just fine" Amy commented cheerfully
I removed the scope for a second and found that I can't hear them without it.
"I'm going to get breakfast now, what do you guys want?" I asked them
They argued trivially for a few minutes and then relized I needed a food that can be eaten without a liquid attached that they could eat too, I settled on popcorn. I ate it whole too, which proved to be diffuilt. its funny how when u put a kid in your mouth, you swallow it down with ease, but then some popcorn comes in and it hurts your thought. but I managed enough for them to eat and then chewed some up to be digested for myself later... digested? what happened to my kids when I started to digest foods?
Crap too late, I put the stethoscope back on and put it so I can hear my babies
"Hello?!" I yelled
"Mom!" Amy yelled
"We're being flooded!" Jeff Screamed
"Oh wait" Amy said
"It stopped, that wasn't bad" Jeff laughed
"Eww!" Amy screamed!
"Gross!" Jeff yelled Next
"Whats going on?" I asked urgently
"Our clothes are gone" Jeff said
great, now I gotta eat those two... towels will be easier
"One sec" I told my kids as I ran towards the bathroom, I picked up two towels and gulped them down, it wasn't as scratchy as I'd imagined, but it choked me a bit at first, they seemed happy enough with that. So I decided that was enough for now. I sat around watching tv, I didn't know what else to do. after about an hour, I dosed off.


~3 hours later~

"I'm getting bored in here" I said looking down at a hole in the floor on the sack "I've got an idea"
"Jeff, mom already let us inside her body, I think we should stay where we are" Amy nagged
"Whatever, I'm going exploring!" I exclaimed as I started down the hole,it seemed a long way down, kind of, about the time that I hit the end my feet were still in the sack, but then I found a turn and I kept moving on. my whole body now out of the sack, and moving, it felt weird. I kept going and hit another turn, I was wondering if this just went in a big square or something when I finally it another turn, but I could feel that not more than an arms length away, was the next turn. I wasn't sure exactly why, but I knew that this turn would be different, and in fact I was right! this hole was smaller, I got about half way through and it grabbed on to me, and I got stuck.
After about ten minutes of being stuck I felt something hit my feet, it was my sister.
"Jeff! The sack pushed me in the hole, and the hole has been pushing me to you" Amy yelled
I wanted to say something back but her head pushing into my feet made me go down, this pipe system had a lot more turns and twists in it, but I didn't have to worry about it, because the pipe moved me down and turned me for me. It was nice and relaxing ride. And the suddenly something stopped us.


I woke up about three and a half hours after I feel asleep really having to use the toilet, forgetting about my kids I stood up and felt 100 pounds heavier than I remembered. I slowly waddled up the stairs into bathroom, but before sitting on the toilet, I realized that they'd A, be covered in Bile and shouldn't be let off on the carpet and B, are too big to fit in the toilet. So I walked over to the tub and stood in it, slowly feeling a little head come out of it, then a body, and then finally the legs, but I wasn't done yet! another head, another body, and a final set of legs. I stood up realizing that I've taken more painful shits in my time. I got my babies out of the tub, sent them to get clothed, and then had a strange thought, if the stomach meant to hold food and small objects could hold a pair of twins with minimal efforts, why couldn't a womb, build to have large human beings inside, do the same thing... I looked at my kids, then down at my snatch and smiled. But then pulled my pants up, washed my hands, and left the room. Another test, for another day.

Amy - A innocent little 9 year old girl, She likes to follow the rules and play it right, but unfortunatly, she always gets caught up in the moment with her brother. He likes to just go out and have a good time, but he doesn't have the brains to stay safe, so she follows him around a keeps him alive.

Jeff - A mischievous 9 year old boy, who always want to go places and do stuff just because its fun, he doesn't have much respect for the rules, but he always has a good time! everytime he does something bad, he usually takes his sister along, she knows whats right and wrong,and (as much as she hates it) follows him anyways just to keep him safe

Maggie - A hot 29 year old woman, shes the mother of twins and is simply gorgeous! Her little darlings are always getting in trouble and the is little she wouldn't do to make them stop for just five minutes. But she loves them both to death and would never, ever do anything to harm them!! Her husband left her after he met another woman on the internet, turned out to be a man. But she wouldn't take him back after all hes done to the family. Luckily, she was the bread winner and works for Coke Cola. She has a cubical job, but shes very good at it.
Haha, this is my first story in a long while! I was looking up random pictures on the internet because I was bored, and I saw this picture with a photo edited supermodel whom looked extremely thin to start, but in this picture had a human sized bulge and in a talk bubble, it said "My twins are so adventurous, they want to go everywhere! Even back in my stomach."
Haha it inspired so many ideas!
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